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Tactics Weapon Simulation Engines

ModelSim developed a tactics and weapon simulation engine for KUH helicopter simulator and a TADS ( Target Acquisition and Designation System ) simulation Engine for LAH program.

Figure 16 Figure 11 Tactics Simulation Engine



Tactics Simulation Engines has component-based architecture and rule-based tactics algorithems. Tactics simulation covers air-to-air and air-to-ground mission of fixed-wing and rotary-wing military airplanes

HLA based Interoperation

ModelSim has worked on HLA-based interoperation of most flight simulators of ROK Air Force, and Navy.

ModelSim has also delivered Raytheon's HLA NG Pro to every war game model in ROK military services. ROK army survival range in Inje-Hongcheon also select in ModelSim's HLA services. F16 tactics simulators of ROK Air Force and Navy's Lynx-P3C simulators were introperated by ModelSim, too.


Figure 18 Interoperation among various simulators

M&S Realated Patents

A real-time simulation method of railway vehicals

Rails are composed of small unit blocks such as straight, ramp and circular ones. Each unit block is scalable, and relevant kinetic information is calculated and stored. This patent can be applied in designing rollercoaster, railways and so on.

An integrated display of sensor cues (Umbrella Display)

Visual, arual and nasal cues are generated in a small cave covering a human head. Collimated lens allowa depth in vision and various scents are stored in sprays, ehich allow full immersion. This small cave system can be widely adopted for VR applications.

A QTG tool for FDT's based on X-Plane and Perpar3D (pantent pending)

X-Plane and Perpar3D are economic and effective flight simulation engines, but lack capabilities of QTG (Qualification Test Guide) generation. This is one of reasons why these simulation engines have been limited to ATD rather than FTD at FAA level 5 based on X-Plane. This tool can be applied any GA airplane for qualification of FAA levell 5 FTD ath the moment and it's applications can be extended to medium-size airplanes.

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